Steve Chapman Photography | About
Steve Chapman has spent over forty years in broadcasting, and with the advent
of the digital age in audio and video, he's directed his efforts to learning about and
adapting to this exciting and challenging medium.
Watching his childhood mentor and family friend shoot events, including his
sister's wedding, Steve knew that photography would someday take center
stage in his pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.
It took awhile after his high school photography class (many years in fact)
before destiny and digital SLRs convinced Steve that the time to take
photography seriously was upon him.
Since recommitting himself to this latent passion, Steve has completed
his Certificate in Photography degree at the University of Washington and
is constantly seeking to learn more about the various aspects of photography
that he finds challenging.
Come along on the adventure. Contact Steve and discuss with him how he
can help you document your life or the life of someone you love.
Explore ways to organize and visualize your family history.

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